Typhoon Constant Temp - 14L pm with flue and batteries

Typhoon Constant Temperature - 14L pm

The Typhoon constant temperature units comes in two sizes.

A 12 L per minute and a 14 L per minute

You have an endless source of hot water with a gas water heater.  The water will remain hot until your gas cylinder runs empty.  

Gas water heaters are rated in Litres per minute.  This means it indicates the amount of cold water the unit is capable of heating within the space of 1 minute.

Please note that the cold water feed into all gas water heaters must be balanced.  This is the responsibility of the plumber.  

We have often heard of people mentioning gas water heaters only have two temperatures.  Boiling hot or ice cold.  If they mix too much cold water in at the shower mixer, the water goes cold.  This happens due to the cold water not being balanced.  

When we spec our gas water heaters, we ensure the cold water is balanced.  If it is not, it will be done when converting to gas from an electric geyser, or when replacing an existing gas water heater with a new gas water heater.

These units are ideal when required to provide hot water to one off take point. The cold water must be balanced, as discussed above. It is important that the hot water run is as short as possible. It should not exceed 10 m.

These units are normally installed where we change the hot water feed at a kitchen basin from electricity to gas or where a single room runs off an electrical geyser. We supply our units with a flue, flue cap and a set of batteries.

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