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Solarjac is our latest venture. We believe that gas and solar was made for each other. The two services compliments each other greatly.

We hold a PV Green Card. This is an industry assurance.

Anybody can install a solar system, but an electrician is still required to take the system into your distribution board. Installations are certified to adhere to SANS 10142 and this certificate must accompany a solar installation.  A PV Green card is issued in addition to electricians certificate.


3 Systems exist in addition to a backup system: 


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Back up system:

solarjac new2  This system will supply you with power during load shedding

solarjac new2  Such a system consists of an Inverter, batteries, battery cables, battery fuses and cable. You are still connected to Eskom.


Grid Tied PV System


SolarJac PVSystem GridTied





solarjac new2  Great start-up solar system! 

solarjac new2  Grid tied solar system ties into your local utility grid for own consumption and you become your own power producer. 

solarjac new2  No battery packs needed for this option. 

solarjac new2  System is scalable if you want to add a battery later. 

image.png  Add a gas water heater and gas hob to limit your electrical need.

solarjac new2  Reduces your monthly electricity bill.  

solarjac new2  You are still connected to Eskom.



Hybrid PV Solar System

SolarJac PVSystem Hybrid





solarjac new2  Hybrid solar systems generate power in the same way as a grid tied solar system but with batteries to store power for later use. 

solarjac new2  This ability to store energy enables hybrid systems to also operate as a backup power supply during load shedding. 

solarjac new2  System is scalable if you want to add a battery later.  

gasjac logo   Add a gas water heater and gas hob to limit your electrical need.

solarjac new2  Reduces your monthly electricity bill. 

solarjac new2  You are still connected to Eskom.


Stand-Alone PV Solar system

SolarJac PVSystem StandAlone





solarjac new2  As the name ‘Stand-Alone’ suggests, this system relies solely on your solar modules (panels) for electricity production and                      energy stored during the day in your battery bank. 

solarjac new2  At night you use the energy stored in your batteries.  Batteries are recharge during the day.  On cloudy days, the batteries wont recharge as efficiently as on sunny days.  Sometimes it wont recharge at all.  Therefore, more batteries  are better if you truly want to live off grid.

solarjac new2  System is scalable and you can add batteries later. 

gasjac logo   Here a gas water heater and gas hob is a necessity. 

solarjac new2  You are your own independant power producer. 

solarjac new2  You are not connected to Eskom.


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Installation of Rinnai gas water heater

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