Rinnai - Commercial 32 L pm

Rinnai gas water heater - Commercial 32 L pm

Components like the heat exchanger, burner and water servo in the commercial units can withstand greater demands, as would be the case with high hot water requirements.

These units are typically installed at hotels, farms, breweries, schools and apartment blocks.

By putting these units on a Rack, one can run many showers or baths together. The Rack system joins 2 or more units together to create a hot water source like no other. The Rack comes ready fitted with the Rinnai units mounted to it and the gas and plumbing reticulated between the Rinnai units. From there, one would connect and reticulate.

The Rack can be used on top of a house too. Plumbing can be reticulated from it and a ring main system can be incorporated with it. A hot water loop can be incorporated with it too.

Please contact us to discuss your Rack requirement.


Rinnai is the pinnacle of gas water heating. Nothing else comes close. One can set the desired temperature at one of a number of temperature settings. The standard setting is 55 degrees Celsius. Should you want to set your own temperature, controllers are available and can be purchased separately.

The Rinnai will comfortably run 2 or more showers simultaneously, provided the correct size plumbing was used. Only 22 mm plumbing pipe is to be used with Rinnai gas water heaters.

The Rinnai can have a hot water loop back on it self which will further increase the efficiency and reduce your gas consumption on your Rinnai unit. Contact us to discuss this great cost saving method. We fit our isolation valves in boxes below all our gas water heaters when a house is built. This gives the wall a clean finish.

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Installation of Rinnai gas water heater

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